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Over the weekend you may have heard of or seen - nude photos of celebrities were stolen off of their phones and posted online. It’s a terrible invasion of privacy, but probably the most disconcerting part of this for me is that some people are blaming the celebrities for having the nude photos on their phones in the first place.

@priscillafaia: To the 8 year old boy who stared me down this morning in the ocean.. It’s my first time boogie boarding k?! Turns out I’m fearless. #dick
@mperegrym: @priscillafaia UM my hair was in a ponytail and you ran your board into my face. Be a responsible water patron you #dick

missy peregrym and priscilla faia reenacting the princess bride (x)


"I’m a garden rose."

"Shopping list: Black"

- (via surgens)

Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot, 1959

Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot, 1959


one of my favorite ron swanson lines